We Are

We are Authnex ……… We are on a mission that’s driven to innovate and excel, by taking technology leadership for secure authentication and authorization to new heights.

Our Vision is set on being a global trend setter in identification security. We power the world's most advanced, leading-edge technology-led identification protocol to keep you secure.

In a critical domain where the stakes are high, compliance is key. We’ve got you covered with the highest standards of security compliance. Our team of techno geeks and research academics are on a common mission and goal, with the zest for being true pioneers in the industry. We are reinventing the future of digital identity in cyber security.

Our Innovation

Authnex is a Biometric based platform for all Authentication, Authorization and Approval requirements in a typical enterprise.

Authnex uses biometrics provided by the mobile phone to identify and authenticate the user. This eliminates the requirement for the use of passwords, giving customers peace of mind.

Authnex also supports PIN or Pattern based authentication for Smart phone which do not support biometrics, and a USSD based challenge response for feature phones.



Where we excel, collaborate and innovate. We take great pride in our work because it defines who we are. We give it our best, as one, because it’s a reflection of who we are.


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